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Our Mission Statement

Our mission at Seminars and Workshops"R"US is to develop programs, while training individuals to take action and challenge themselves. Learn to transition in your businesses and your professions by having Educational, Self-improvement, Consulting and Coaching Seminars, Meetings or Workshops on topics of interest from our speakers.


Seminars and Workshops"R"US is an online business that functions 100% in the virtual environment and not from a traditional brick and mortar location. On this online multi-platform outlet we hosts and offers business professional speakers a place to schedule their programs and we promote them to Industry Professional Groups, Business Owners, Non-Profit Organizations, Corporations, Colleges and Universities seeking Keynote Speakers for your next Event or for Individuals requesting one-on-one coaching.


As Educational and Marketing Consultants, we are in the industry of scheduling our Keynote Speakers for Speaking Engagements, Workshops, Seminars and Meetings when requested for your Event. We do not sell products for Seminars and Workshops"R"US. We act as advisor and promoter for each of our speakers at the brand name, (Seminars and Workshops"R"US ), the website URL -  ( Book our Keynote Speakers Today!

 Our Speakers

Seminars and Workshops"R"US offer Speakers with professional programs related
to their years of experiences and knowledge to join our team.