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Seminars and WorkshopsRUS hosts and offers professional speakers an online multi-platform outlet to schedule educational business professional programs. We are Educational Consultants and we promote our speakers.

About Us

Seminars and WorkshopsRUS -  As Educational Consultants,we schedule Leadership,Sales and Marketing speaking engagements for Dr Daniel J Cruoglio, as Keynote Speaker. 

Seminars and WorkshopsRUS is an online business that functions 100% in the virtual environment and not from a traditional brick and mortar location. All our scheduling and transactions are via our online storefront. On this online multi-platform outlet we hosts and offers business professional speakers a place where to schedule Educational and Informational programs and we promote them to Industry professional groups, Business owners, Non-Profit Organizations and/or Individuals looking for keynote speakers or for one-on-one coaching from Dr Daniel Cruoglio.  

As Educational Consultants, we are in the industry of scheduling Workshops, Seminars and Meetings for our speakers to find speaking engagements. We do not sell products for Seminars and WorkshopsRUS. We act as advisor and promoters for each of our speakers at the brand name, (Seminars and WorkshopsRUS), the website URL is -  (

Dr Daniel J Cruoglio our Life Adjustment and Business Marketing Coach will Educate, Empower, Inspire and Train your Industry Executives, Sales, Marketing or Management Teams at your next group meetings or seminars. To schedule Dr. Daniel Cruoglio as keynote speaker or for any speaking engagements at your next conference, meeting or seminar see detailed instructions how to request scheduling, fees and payment information all listed on Event page. 

Dr. Daniel Cruoglio’s Life Adjustments and Business Marketing Coaching seminars or workshops are Educational, Empowering and will assist you with getting rid of any roadblocks keeping you from reaching your full potential and enjoying success.

Visit our event page to view Dr Daniel Cruoglio video clips which are targeted to a few suggested groups that will benefit. Learn more about the packages we have to offer and request information how to schedule him for your next conference, meeting or seminar. Follow the instructions as directed on the event page to request scheduling and submit.

Our goal is to build professional business relationships with Industry decision making Executives and Leaders of Corporate Conferences, Association Events, Colleges, Universities, Organizations, Foundations, Non-Profits and Coordinators of Special Events or Owners of businesses to request our speakers.

Seminars and WorkshopsRUS is on YouTube and Facebook. Please Like us on Facebook and follow us on YouTube.

Seminars and WorkshopsRUS wants Dr Daniel Cruoglio to build professional independent confident groups of self motivated individuals, business owners and entrepreneurs by sharing empowering programs to improve decision making abilities, without fear and anxiety. Just request him for a speaking engagement today!

Dr Cruoglio immediately reminded me of Tony Robbins the first time I heard him speak. He was as captivating and dynamic.

Seminars and WorkshopsRUS would like all programs that are being offered by each of our speakers to be an improvement, and to assist any group requesting them to have a positive result and experience growth and advancements-
1. Advancements through promotions at current job or business.
2. Applying the principles and practices learned to organize life and clear all roadblocks.
3. Start a new career or business venture.
4. Improve health by being knowledgeable.
5. Learn something new to improve brain wellness.

Seminars and WorkshopsRUS - Programs are to Encourage, Enlighten and Create new business opportunities. Request our speakers today! 

Opportunities we would like to help our attendees achieve as improvement to their Business or careers. (see below)

**Grant Research Specialists.
** Copy-editing for other Grant Writers.
**Working with an experienced Grant Writer.
**Learning how to get Federal Funding and or Private funding for their own organizations.
**Learning how to get started in Grant Writing and learning how to become a Grant Writer.
**Learning how to Get Grant Writing Experience.
**Learning how to start creating Fundraising Events for organizations or foundations.

Other Topics we would like to offer as a meeting or seminar- (Speakers needed) - contact us today!
**Current Medical Updates (Alzheimer, Diabetes, Cancer, Heart Disease etc). - (Medical Professional)
**Nutritional program updates to keep us healthy and in shape.- (Health and Wellness Professional)
**Elder-care programs for seniors.- ( Elder-care Attorney)
**Spiritual Guidance Seminars.  
**Medical Updated Technology and Research Resources.
**Natural Health Remedies and Benefits.
**Cyber Enforcement information updates. 

Our Story, Seminars and WorkshopsRUS

Our story started because friends and business associates considered me (Shearon) as the go-to-person for information on most topics. So when I retired, I started to take classes to improve my brain health and to learn new educational materials. I then met our speaker Mr. Charles Burke who was my teacher for the TV Production classes I attended. 

After nineteen (19) years of Mr. Charles Burke teaching this class, he resigned from this position. In conversation one morning before my class started, I learned from him that before teaching the TV production class, he also taught Grant Writing classes. Since he was free, I asked him, would he be interested in joining with me to offer Grant Writing Seminars? He agreed. This became the birth of the website – ( 

I always wanted a source to provide updated information for groups onsite at their location. This is now my platform to have our expert speakers impart needed information through seminars, workshops or classes schedule on this website's event and program pages. Since I am diabetic, and Alzheimer was diagnosed in my immediate family, I am constantly searching daily for updates on these subjects. Knowledge is power. We all must be kept updated and informed, in order to keep our brain active and healthy.