Seminars and Workshops"R"US is an Educational and Marketing Consulting Group and we schedule Leadership, Sales, Marketing, Life Adjustments Coaching and Motivational speaking engagements for each of our Speakers to be booked as a Keynote Speaker at your next Event. Seminars and Workshops"R"US -  We are open to the public 24 hours online. Contact us today for the availability of each of our Speakers. Dr Daniel J Cruoglio, Ferlie Almonte and Christine Cipriano. See their biography and programs to learn more.

About Us

Seminars and Workshops”R”US - Our Educational and Informational Training Programs are Leadership, Sales and Marketing, Motivational Training, Resilience Coaching for Corporate Executives and Individuals, Life Coaching and Golf Teaching from a Certified Golf Teaching Professional. Learn from these Professionals who gets Results.
Seminars and Workshops"R"US offer Speakers with professional programs related to their years of experiences and knowledge to join our team.
Seminars and Workshops"R"US is an online business that functions 100% in the virtual environment and not from a traditional brick and mortar location. On this online multi-platform outlet we hosts and offers business professional speakers a place to schedule their programs and we promote them to Industry Professional Groups, Business Owners, Non-Profit Organizations, Colleges and Universities seeking keynote speakers for Events. We are open to the public 24 hours online.

Visit and learn more about each of our Speakers and their Programs. We are now joined by two (2) New Dynamic Speakers - Ferlie Almonte and Christine Cipriano with excellent backgrounds and is extremely Experienced and knowledgeable in their fields.

Our goal is to Build professional business Relationships with Industry decision making Executives and Leaders of Corporate Conferences, Association Events, Colleges, Universities, Organizations, Foundations, Non-Profits and Coordinators of Special Events and/or Owners of Businesses to request our speakers for an Event.

We also want to help Aging Adults to Improve their Memory and Brain Health by Learning something new, attending a Seminar or Workshop scheduled on Seminars and Workshops"R"US Event Calendar OR Take action, contact us to have our Speaker come to your location to teach a Self-improvement class or seminar at your next Senior Group Event.

"The single most powerful asset we have is our mind.  If trained well, it can create enormous success" -Unknown

Seminars and Workshops"R"US - Business Challenge - An offer for Small Business Owners; Do you want to learn from an experienced Life Adjustment Business Marketing Coach how to find $10,000 in any of your business within a 45 minutes business breakthrough challenge? Each candidate must be pre-approved to enter this challenge. First you will have to take action and complete the sign-up form provided to be considered. If you satisfy the requirements, you will be contacted to start the challenge. Seminars and Workshops"R"US will then set up an appointment with you and the Coach to schedule a screen share date to start the Business Challenge Event. Take Action by completing the Sign-up form Today!

 Seminars and Workshops"R"US wants Dr Daniel J Cruoglio, Ferlie Almonte and Christine Cipriano to Build Professional Independent confident groups of Self Motivated Individuals, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs by sharing empowering programs to improve decision making abilities, without fear or anxiety. Just request them for a Speaking Engagement today!

 View Dr Daniel J Cruoglio video clips which are targeted to a few suggested groups that will benefit. Learn more about the packages we have to offer and request information how to schedule him for your next Conference, Meeting or Seminar. Follow the instructions as directed on his Programs to request scheduling and submit. also offers non-profit organizations as well as individuals the tools needed to explore both basic grants as well as non-traditional sources of funding. Driven by your passion to succeed, you will learn from Seminars and Workshops"R"US speaker Mr Charles Burke not only how to petition for support but also where to locate the sources for it. 

Seminars and Workshops"R"US basic grant writing and fundraising training programs given by our speaker Mr Charles Burke are aimed at those who are new to the Grant Writing Industry and requires a broad based educational foundation upon which to build a successful funding strategy. Contact Seminars and Workshops"R"US to have Mr Charles Burke at your next Non-profit Organization or Foundation Meeting.

Here is an invitation from Mr Charles Burke to help Non-Profits, Schools, Churches or any Groups needing assistance to increase effective communication to their prospective audience for support. Mr Charles Burke Is offering a program called The Ambassador Package Program.This is a 2 hour program, contact us to request him to your location today. (Location to be determined based on number of attendees at your location).

Seminars and Workshops"R"US is on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. Please Like us on Facebook and follow us on YouTube.

Seminars and Workshops"R"US would like all programs that are being offered by each of our speakers to be an improvement, and to assist any group requesting them to have a positive result and experience growth and advancements-
1. Advancements through promotions at current job or business.
2. Applying the principles and practices learned to organize life and clear all roadblocks.
3. Start a new career or business venture.
4. Improve health by being knowledgeable.
5. Learn something new to improve brain wellness.

Seminars and Workshops"R"US - Programs are to Encourage, Enlighten and Create new business opportunities. Request our speakers today!

See below - other Topics we would like to offer as a group meeting or seminar- (Speakers needed) - contact us today!

**Current Medical Updates (Alzheimer, Diabetes, Cancer, Heart Disease etc). - (Medical Professional)
**Nutritional program updates to keep us healthy and in shape.- (Health and Wellness Professional)
**Elder-care programs for seniors.- ( Elder-care Attorney)
**Spiritual Guidance Seminars.  
**Medical Updated Technology and Research Resources.
**Natural Health Remedies and Benefits.
**Cyber Enforcement information updates.