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Seminars and Workshops”R”US - Dr. Daniel J Cruoglio’s Life Adjustments and Business Marketing Coaching Seminars and Workshops are Educational, Empowering and will assist you with getting out of any roadblocks, keeping you from reaching your full potential and enjoying success. He will Educate, Empower and Train your industry leaders and staff at your next Group Meetings, Group Seminars or Workshops event. Program Descriptions are detailed on Dr. Daniel J Cruoglio’s program page. Learn more....Also how to schedule Dr Daniel J Cruoglio by completing your request and make payment selection on his program page. Contact us for his availability!

by Dr. Daniel J Cruoglio

Program Descriptions for each topic are detailed below. Dr Daniel J Cruoglio is Our Outstanding Corporate Business Coach, Marketing and Business Building Coach also Keynote Speaker. Dr Daniel J Cruoglio Leadership Training, Sales Training and Marketing Training Seminars delivers RESULT. See his video clips on the Promotional page introducing his programs. Also in order to have Dr Daniel J Cruoglio speak at your next event, scroll down to find all fees and payment requirements also how to complete your request and submit. See packages we offer based on your submission. See some of the Groups that would benefit by having him are - Any Business or industry with Leadership Executives, Marketing and Sales Teams. We also offer per person fees for smaller groups with minimum requirements.

Title: How to sell like Hell and still get to Heaven - by Dr Daniel J Cruoglio

  • Learn the different types of selling

  • Learn how to create a market dominating position in order to separate yourself from your competition and create as many leads as you can handle

  • How to be the person that people want to buy from

  • How would you like to know your client's communication Styles

  • Grow your business

  • Increase Sales Effectiveness

  • Experience Increased Leads

  • Achieve Great Conversions

  • More Transactions

  • See your Bottom-line Gain Increase Profits

  • Learn skills and techniques to master the process

  • Set goals and how to achieve them

  • Improve productivity

  • Dr Daniel J Cruoglio will Train and Educate your groups

  • Create a win win outcome!

Title: How to be an Outstanding Leader by Learning how to manage your Energy and help Orchestrate the Energy of those around you - by Dr Daniel J Cruoglio

LEADERSHIP Training - Meeting or Seminar ( Dynamic )

  • Learn the difference between anabolic and catabolic energy.

  • Learn how to be the person that others want to follow.

  • Learn the power of influence.

  • Learn the difference between leading and managing.

Title: Raising your Own BAR - (Beliefs, Action, Results)

Learn how to - by Dr Daniel J Cruoglio

  • Have massive self confidence and certainty.

  • Breakthrough the roadblocks to success.

  • Earn more money in less time and have more time off.

  • Overcome fear, frustration and irritation.

  • How to love yourself first and be self inspired.

  • How to handle obstacles and setbacks.

  • Balance business and personal life.

Request Dr Daniel J Cruoglio for a Keynote Speaking Engagement - See details below- Make payment via PayPal.

  • As keynote speaker - (1-hour) Engagement Fee - $1500 (Dr. Daniel J Cruoglio)

  • 1/2 Day Speaking Event, (8am to 12noon) Engagement Fee - $3000 (Dr. Daniel J Cruoglio)

  • Full Day Event, (8am to 4pm - includes 1 hour lunch break) Engagement Fee - $ 5000 (Dr. Daniel J Cruoglio)

Get Professional Results for your Corporate Conference Groups, Association Events, Conventions, Meetings and Corporate Sales Seminars. Learn How to Improve Productivity and Increase Sales Effectiveness for your Staff and Organization.  If you need further information- Call (310) 924-8700 (Please leave a detailed message, do not hang up, and we will return your call promptly). 

1-hour Keynote Speaker - Dr. Daniel Cruoglio Fee
Half day (8am to 12 noon) - Dr. Daniel Cruoglio Fee
Full day (8am to 4pm) - Dr. Daniel Cruoglio Fee

Dr Daniel J Cruoglio's Life Adjustment and Business Coaching Workshop will teach you- 

  • How to build your business and life from the inside out

  • How to maintain Balance helping you get on your way and not in your way.

  • How to Create: Clarity, inner strength, personal power, confidence, wealth, peace of mind, and powerful communication so that you have a clear path and strategy for success.

  • Dr Daniel J Cruoglio is a Life Adjustment Professional Coach who teaches attendees how to break through fear, uncertainty, low esteem, guilt, worry and anxiety, these are the roadblocks to success and achieving goals.

Target Marketing - by Dr. Daniel J Cruoglio

Whether you are writing a sales letter, introducing new products to existing customers or clients etc, knowing the real communication styles of each customer or client will make it much easier to develop and target your direct profile demographics.

Sales Management Training by Dr.Daniel J Cruoglio

Three Steps to increase Sales-

1) Determine the communication style of your clients
2) Match the communication style of your client to theirs
3) Close more deals for the right reason. 

"Research shows that the number one cause of lost Sales and Upset
Customers are Results mostly from Miscommunications".

One-on-One Coaching by Dr Daniel J Cruoglio

ObjectiveOne of the fastest ways to transform your business and life adjustments is through Dr. Daniel J Cruoglio's Signature  one-on -one coaching system.
Based upon your discovery session and your ARL (Average Resonating Level) you will reach your potential for excellence and personal development.
Dr. Daniel J Cruoglio will design a program specifically for you!
Results you want in record time can be achieved by scheduling an individual designed program. 


Life Adjustments Coaching Sessions by Dr Daniel J Cruoglio can be scheduled for small groups: 20-25 people.

 For information- contact us. We have special offers.
Workshops Topics: by Dr. Daniel J Cruoglio
"How to Sell Like Hell and Still Get to Heaven"
"Raising Your Own BAR" ( Beliefs, Action, Results)

An Additional Topic-  Middle School Groups - by Dr Daniel J Cruoglio (see below)

Title: The one secret bullies don't want you to know and how to use it to your advantage.
*Understanding the mindset of the bully. 
*Gain knowledge in order to avoid or respond in certain situations.
*Targeted demographics-Kids 12-17 (Middle School)
*1 hour class: 

Email for special group rates-contact us

See Programs and fees (per person) - minimum of 15-20 attendees in your group see below-

Contact us today! to have personalized sessions with Dr. Daniel J Cruoglio at your location - minimum 15-20 attendees.
See topics and rates below-

1."The one secret bullies don't want you to know and how to use it to your advantage."
(runs 1 hour) Class -$100 per person. Very important topic for Middle schools today!

2."How to sell like hell and still get to heaven."
Workshop (runs 4 hours- 8am-12 noon)
$197 per person

3."How to be an outstanding leader by learning how to manage your energy
and help orchestrate the energy of those around you."
(runs 2 hours) Seminar- $297 per person.

4."Raising your own BAR "(Beliefs,Actions,Results)
Workshop (runs 4 hours) include breaks- 
$197 per person