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Dr. Daniel J Cruoglio is Seminars and Workshops"R"US Outstanding Corporate Business Training Coach. Marketing Training Coach. Business Building Coach. Life Adjustments Coach. Leadership and Sales Keynote Speaker.

Certified Professional Coach. Human Behavior Specialist. Published Author. Member of Various Chambers of Commerce. Outstanding Results Oriented Corporate Leadership Training Coach. Corporate and Group Sales Training Coach. "How To Sell Like Hell and Still Get To Heaven" Program. See his Testimonials. Get RESULTS from Dr Daniel J Cruoglio programs today.

Dr. Daniel J Cruoglio


Dr Daniel J Cruoglio is a graduate of St. Peter's College and New York Chiropractic College. He completed post graduate work in Neurophysiological, Bio-mechanical and Clinical Advances in Chiropractic and holds a graduate studies certificate from the Parker Chiropractic Research Foundation. 

Dr Daniel J Cruoglio has been in private practice for over 30 years where he was the owner of a multidisciplinary clinic in New Jersey. After the loss of his practice in a fire in 2008 and the diagnosis of his wife's brain tumor, he decided to go into life and business coaching. Dr Daniel J Cruoglio is a certified professional coach and human behavior specialist. He graduated from iPEC ( Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching) and the Experts Speakers Academy. He has received numerous awards, including the Professional Excellence and Commitment award from Breakthrough Coaching, a national practice development company. Dr Daniel J Cruoglio has also been awarded a Service Award from the Council of NJ Chiropractors  to name a few.

Dr Daniel J Cruoglio is a published author. He was a contributor in the book, "Breakthrough Coaching" and he authored the "Monday Morning Huddle". He has written articles that have been published in National Chiropractic Journals such as " Body by Design" and "The Power of Influence"

Dr Daniel J Cruoglio our Life Adjustment and Business Marketing Coach will Educate, Empower, Inspire and Train your Industry Executives ( Sales, Marketing or Management Teams) at your next Event, Group Meetings or Seminars. To schedule Dr. Daniel J Cruoglio as keynote speaker or for any speaking engagements at your next Conference, Meeting or Seminars, Take action, contact us to check his availability.

Do you feel stuck, unmotivated, suffering from fear or anxiety blocking your success? Dr. Daniel J Cruoglio’s Life Adjustments and Business Marketing Coaching Seminars or Workshops are Educational, Empowering and will assist you with getting rid of any roadblocks keeping you from reaching your full potential and enjoying success. 

How to know you found the Right Result Oriented Life Adjustments Business,Sales and Marketing Coach, Dr. Daniel J Cruoglio. - Keynote Speaker- see below-

*Look for what you want to achieve in Life and Business -  Communication Skills, Career Counseling, Sales Performance, Leadership Skills and more.
*One that can help you find the Inspiration and Confidence you need to reach the next level in your Career.
*One that gives Life Lessons on Empowerment, Leadership, Achievements, Marketing and Business Building, Corporate Coaching, Self-Confidence, Gratitude, Positive Attitude, Personal Growth, Successful Results,Career Development and the Fulfillment toward Achieving your Goals and Dream.

Here is the Coach with such determination to Train and Teach his Seminar Attendees and Clients to Achieve Excellent Results -  Dr Daniel J Cruoglio

Here is an Example of a "Monday Morning Huddle"- 
"Maintaining balance in life and business is automatically provided when you love who you are with and you love what you do."  by Dr Daniel J Cruoglio.

Dr Daniel J Cruoglio is a member of various Chambers of Commerce and has been the past President of "Toastmasters " and the Education Coordinator for "BNI ( Business Network International )" Dr Cruoglio's knowledge and his life experience has given him a true perspective that can help people overcome any of life's events and challenges. He adheres a Jim Rohn quote that states  "Success is not to be perused, it is to be attracted by the person we become."

Dr Daniel J  Cruoglio will always design a program specifically for each client that needs individual coaching and not just some cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all approach.  Get the results you want to achieve in record time today!  Contact us for more information.

Dr. Daniel J Cruoglio Testimonials

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Experience with Dr. Daniel J Cruoglio.

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Experience with Dr. Daniel J Cruoglio

I would highly recommend Dr. Cruoglio for any successful endeavor- whether as a patient or as a colleague. He is truthful, accurate in his assessments and should be a ‘go-to’ person for any health-related issue. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
— Dr. Daniel Cohen, Client
Dan is an extraordinary person and a coach of the highest caliber. He has a phenomenal ability to help one clarify what they want, set their priorities, and remove the blocks that are in their way. As my coach, I found his style to always be relaxed, purposeful, and focused on helping me get results. I highly recommend Dan to anyone who has a specific challenge they are working on or wants to fulfill more of their potential.Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity.
— Creative Alan Aronoff, Client
I’ve been on a fantastic journey of self discovery and revealation with Dr. Dan. Things are starting to come together -bits and pieces of wisdom that I’ve heard here and there, taught by Dr. Dan in a coherent, comprehensible way that makes sense. I’m so excited and so thankful to have this opportunity to grow and expand my awareness. The Bible says, ‘You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.’ Thank you, Dr. Dan, for opening new avenues of truth to me.
— Adelaide Waring
Dr. Dan is an extraordinary coach who can delve into the real problem and give practical and immediate solutions that his clients seek. He has a gift of passion and insight that allow his clients to achieve mastery and overcome any challenge that life presents to them. I highly recommend Dr. Dan and have used him myself when I was stuck and I was getting in my own way. You will be highly pleased with the results.
— Dr. Philip Agrios