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Our mission at Seminars and WorkshopsRUS is to develop programs while training individuals to take action and challenge themselves. Also aging adults to improve memory and brain health by taking classes.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission at Seminars and WorkshopsRUS is to develop programs while training individuals to take action and challenge themselves.

Seminars and WorkshopsRUS professional business Coach and Speaker Dr. Daniel Cruoglio's content-rich programs are customized for any Sales Training Summit, Real Estate Industry Sales Conferences, Business Corporate Sales or Marketing Conferences, Colleges or University Events, Business Leadership Meetings, Business Owners Organization Group Meetings and/or Business related Foundations Events. 

Do you feel stuck, 
unmotivated, suffering from fear or anxiety blocking your success? Dr Daniel J Cruoglio has the professional answers.

Learn to transition in your businesses and your professions by having Educational, Self-improvement, Consulting and Coaching Seminars, Meetings or Workshops on topics of interest by our speaker; Dr Daniel J Cruoglio.

Here is an invitation to a Coaching Program for Small Business Owners! Do you want to learn from an experienced Life Adjustment Business Coach how to find $10,000 in any business within a 45 minutes business breakthrough challenge?  We will have to set-up an appointment with you and the Business Coach for a screen share date to start this Event Challenge but not until you are pre-qualified based on your submission. Ready to get Started, click here to sign-up and complete your information on the form provided to start the process. Take the Challenge!  Take Action Sign-up Today!

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We want to help aging adults improve their memory and brain health by learning something new. Take action, contact us to schedule an educational, self-improvement class or seminar at your next Senior Group Event. also offers non-profit organizations as well as individuals the tools needed to explore both basic grants as well as non-traditional sources of funding. Driven by your passion to succeed, you will learn from Seminars and WorkshopsRUS speaker Mr Charles Burke not only how to petition for support but also where to locate the sources for it. 

Seminars and WorkshopsRUS basic grant writing and fundraising training programs given by our speaker Mr Charles Burke are aimed at those who are new to the Grant Writing Industry and requires a broad based educational foundation upon which to build a successful funding strategy. Contact Seminars and WorkshopsRUS to have Mr Charles Burke at your next Non-profit Organization or Foundation Meeting.

Here is an invitation from Mr Charles Burke to help Non-Profits, Schools, Churches or any Groups needing assistance to increase effective communication to their prospective audience for support. Mr Charles Burke Is offering a program called The Ambassador Package Program.This is a 2 hour program. (Location to be determined based on number of attendees)


Leadership Workshop or Seminar

To Schedule a Leadership Meeting or Seminar with Seminars and WorkshopRUS Speaker Dr. Daniel J Cruoglio. Call us at (310) 924-8700 or Take action to sign-up and schedule Dr.Cruoglio.