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Seminars and Workshops”R”US - Mr Charles Burke’s basic Grant Writing and Non-Traditional Fundraising training programs are aimed at those who are new to the Grant Writing Industry and requires a broad based Educational Foundation upon which to build a successful Basic Programs. On Mr Charles Burke Biography page see where some of these programs have been conducted. Contact Seminars and Workshops”R”US for his availability.


Grant Writing and Non-Traditional Fundraising, Basic Programs - by Mr. Charles Burke

Program titles and descriptions are listed below for Mr Charles Burke to be requested as a speaker for group seminars at your location. See Mr Charles Burke Biography page to view a list of qualified Organizations, Foundations or anyone that would benefit needing funding assistance. also offers non-profit organizations as well as individuals the tools needed to explore both basic grants as well as non-traditional sources of funding. Driven by your passion to succeed, you will learn from Seminars and Workshops"R"US speaker Mr Charles Burke not only how to petition for support but also where to locate the sources for it. 

Seminars and Workshops"R"US basic grant writing and fundraising training programs given by our speaker Mr Charles Burke are aimed at those who are new to the Grant Writing Industry and requires a broad based educational foundation upon which to build a successful funding strategy. Contact Seminars and Workshops"R"US to have Mr Charles Burke at your next Non-profit Organization or Foundation Meeting 

We have special group offers for a speaking engagement 9am-12 noon any day with the exception of Tuesdays for Mr Charles Burke.

Research shows that over $50 billion is awarded every year through Foundations and Corporate Grants.
according to AARP magazine February/March 2017 issue, in 2014 there were 86,000 Private Grant-Giving Foundations.

Ambassador Package Program- by Mr Charles Burke

During this program, attendees will learn how to identify what they should be communicating to potential donors and how to generate the tools that will be used in the process. They will also learn how to easily create a professional sales display that anyone can use to sell their organization at Events, Conventions or other Locations where large groups of people will be in attendance having the ability to DONATE!

The power that resides within an organization’s membership to help generate funding is often predicated on the assumption that everyone is a good salesperson...... and this simply is not true. Just think, what if you could quickly turn almost everyone into an effective communicator complete with all of the tools needed to bring in donations?

The Ambassador package is a 2 hour program you can learn how to empower almost all of your staff, turning them into the best salesforce that they can be. Even the person who is very shy will find it much easier to communicate to others, including large groups. See details below.  (Location to be determined based on number of attendees for individual request). 

**A minimum of 15 attendees are required to schedule any of these 2 hour sessions listed below.

Glommering (Non-traditional Funding) #1.6 (2+hrs) 

Title: Glommering: The art of obtaining, money, supplies, equipment and or services for free.
Objective: To provide nonprofit organizations, classroom teachers, PTA/PTO and individuals with strategies for obtaining equipment, supplies, tools, and even money by going beyond the regular budgetary process. This program is based upon decades of success during which thousands of dollars per year were obtained by Mr Charles Burke.

Specific Topics:

  1. How to prepare a written or oral request to maximize your chances of success.

  2. How to locate and identify businesses that can be approached for support.

  3. How to generate support for your efforts from the administration, if you are working for an organization or school.

  4. How to properly recognize donors for their support.

  5. The importance of accountability and record keeping.

  6. Creating a network of Glommers within your organization, school, district, community or even the region.

  7. The importance of the intangible rewards that Glommering provides to you, your organization and your members/students.

  8. Why a Glommering project can open the door to grant funding.

Grant Writing (Basic) #2.4  (2+hrs)

Title: Fundamentals of Grant Writing.   
Note: No previous experience is required
Objective: Provide the participants with an overview of the grant funding process and information on where to find funding. 

  • How to get started.

  • Where to find resources.

  • How to execute an event.

Specific Topics:

  1. What is a grant?

  2. Grants sizes starting with one (1) page!

  3. Obstacles to success and how to deal with them.

  4. Why people and foundations give money away.

  5. Two very different approaches to developing a grant.

  6. What are the components of a generic funding request?

  7. How to connect it all together.

  8. Where to find people, organizations and foundations that may give you financial support.

  9. How to obtain a grant from a business or agency that does not have a grant program.

  10. Mr. Charles Burke's personal secret to his grant writing success.

  11. Generating grant ideas, how to meld your needs with that of the funder.

  12. What to do if you are awarded a grant.