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Our Speakers Promotional Video clips will be on this page. Currently we have Video Clips for Dr Daniel J Cruoglio and some suggested targeted groups that will benefit from his Seminars and Workshops.

Promotional Video Clips For Our Speakers On Seminars and Workshops"R"US 

 See Promotional Video Clips for our Speakers.

Introducing Ferlie Almonte, Motivational Speaker, Resilience and Confidence Expert

Contact Seminars and Workshops"R"US at (310) 924-8700 or email us at to find out her availability.

Real Estate Seminars or workshops by Dr. Daniel J Cruoglio -

Dr. Daniel Cruoglio Real Estate Seminar or Workshop are suggested for Realtors, Agents and Real Estate Industry Professionals. "How to Sell like Hell and Still get to Heaven"

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Leadership Seminars or workshops by Dr. Daniel J Cruoglio -

**Learn how to be an effective leader. **Learn the skills to be able to communicate in a way that creates win-win situations and be the person that others want to follow. 

Dr. Daniel J Cruoglio's Leadership Seminars or Workshops are for    suggested groups-

**Corporate Executives  **Banking Executives **Financial Advisors  **Insurance Executives  **General Managers   **Executives in a Leadership Positions.

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Raising your Own BAR (BELIEFS, ACTION, RESULTS) Seminar or workshop -

Learn how to break through fear, uncertainty, low esteem, guilt, worry and anxiety, because these are the roadblocks to success and achieving your goals. 

**Earn more money in less time and have more time off. **How to handle obstacles and setbacks. **Balance business and personal life. 

This Seminar or Workshop is for everyone who wants to balance business and personal life. Take action! Make your selection to Schedule a Seminar or Workshop Speaking Engagement with Dr. Daniel J Cruoglio today!

 "How to sell like Hell and still get to Heaven"- Sales Seminars or workshops -

Learn not only Sales Techniques but also learn how to be the person that is able to attract and influence others.

 Suggested Groups that will Benefit- See Testimonials on Dr Daniel J Cruoglio's Bio Page-

*Individuals **College Students **Chiropractors  **Agents **Brokers **Real Estate Executives and Realtors. **Corporate Executives. **Banking Executives and Staff. **Insurance Executives **Financial Advisors **General Managers **Business Owners **Business Start-up (Owners) **Small Business Owners Looking for an Advisor and/or Individual Coaching**Creative Personnel **Actors and Musicians **Local Radio and TV Account Sales Executives. **All Sales Personnel in any Industry or Brokers in any Industry. 

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